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On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, Haiti suffered its strongest earthquake in over 200 years, resulting in over 200,000 deaths. Many more would have died without proper medical care. As in every crisis, vulnerable members of a population suffer the most. The Haitians still have a long journey toward the beginning of a long recovery. As much of the world focuses on other stories, we cannot leave the Haitian people behind in despair. In response to the ongoing need for specialty care in the impoverished country, Clinicians of the World has partnered with local organizations to help sustain the relief effort for struggling Haitians in the remote areas of Haiti.

In mid-January, Clinicians of the World will be mobilizing another multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists including doctors, surgeons, nurses, Pharmacists and physical therapists to Haiti. The team will provide health education and medical care to men, women, and children in remote areas of Haiti where there is little or no access to basic medical care. We will be performing surgery, deliver essential medicines and medical supplies to struggling Haitians in the city of Grand-goave (30 miles southeast of Port-au-prince). The team will be backed up via telemedicine by a network of Medical Specialists at home who have kindly volunteered their time and medical expertise to help us provide the very best healthcare to those we serve.

We will continue to expand our Deworming Program in rural Haiti. In partnership with the local community, the program involves:
1. Building Latrines in the community for disposal of human waste.
2. Building wells to provide clean running water.
3. Treating children with one anti-helminthic pill twice a year.
4. Distributing tennis shoes, rubber sandals, soap and toothbrushes to help prevent reinfection.
5. Educating the community about simple hand-washing and cleanliness of food.

We believe that the best solutions are local. Therefore, a significant amount of our time is spent on Health Education and Training of the Haitian medical staff to help the Haitian people build health personnel capacity in order to meet their long-term health care needs.

Most of the medical personnel who have volunteered for this mission are working mothers and fathers with a calling in their hearts to help others in need. Most of them require help from their families and friends to be able to make this mission a reality.

We need to raise $42,850 to cover the cost of this trip. While one-time investments of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more are needed in order to meet this goal, anything that you can afford to give will add up.

Take a look at an excerpt from a recent volunteer in Haiti: "...Also there is a woman that has a child in need of Phenobarbital or Phenytoin liquid for his seizures and there was none at the clinic. She will be returning so maybe you can add that to the list of supplies for the next team? The hospital is currently running on bare bones and is in desperate need in supplies."

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