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February 2013
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 Dear Rowlens,

Dr Charles H. Mayo, one of the founders of the Mayo Clinic once conluded that, "The small expense of restoring an individual to health and usefulness is returned manifold."  
The United Nations calls Haiti a "Silent Emergency." Poor_sanitation Most people that we meet in the remote areas where we work live in extreme poverty and often lack the ability to fulfill basic needs.  During our recent trip to Haiti we met a 21 year-old young lady name LucienneLucienne2 who suffered from severe mitral valve stenosis due to an untreated strep throat infection as a child.  Her disease has progressed and was complicated by heart failure. From her picture you can tell that she was swollen and overloaded with fluid. Her eyes were yellow because of liver congestion.  Lucienne  Lucienne struggled for every breath that she takes. She spent most of her days in bed or in the chair because she was so tired just from struggling to breath. It was clear that Lucienne was dying because her family did not have the financial means to buy her medications or take her to a hospital to have the surgery that she needs to save her. Lucienne1   
Although her sister (in red) and mother were hopeful, one could not escape the melancholy on her grand-mother's face; she knew that the end was near.  We received words that she passed away on December 15, a week after our departure from Haiti. 
We were so saddened to hear the news and it made it even harder because a $5 prescription many years ago could have saved her life. If you can make a difference in someone's life please do not wait another day, because another day may be too late. To help someone in need, please checkout our Wish List and Gift Catalog.   

Rowlens M. Melduni, M.D, MPH
President and CEO
Clinicians of the World
"Doing Permanent good"   
"The great use of life is to spend it for something that outlasts it."
--William James
 There is a Need and Anyone can Make a Difference
"You will impact lives that will forever change yours."
Christina Kanke, RN
This was my 3rd trip to Haiti and my first mission trip in which I really felt I was making big difference. Chistina While we were on this medical trip, we did so much more than take temperatures and blood pressures, listen to lung sounds, treat wounds and prescribe medications.  
We had a mission. Dr. Melduni's vision to deworm the children and equip them with shoes on their feet is inspiring.  We educated children and adults alike on proper hand washing, oral hygiene, safe drinking water and safe waste disposal.  I LOVED working with the children.  
Looking in to their big beautiful eyes and seeing that you made them smile or laugh or forget the conditions they live in, if only for a few minutes, made the trip a wonderful one.
I also enjoyed learning of Haiti's early history and the relationship of the lives of the natives of Haiti to the modern times. It's often so easy to get comfortable and flounder deep in the rut of everyday life, but when you go on a trip like this it can transform your life, change your perspective, and sharpen your world view. It could help you see the big picture.
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities: 2013
Fall 2013 Hope for Haiti Medical Trip
We are now recruiting medical and non-medical volunteers for next trip to Haiti. As a component of our Deworming Program, we are also seeking volunteers with experience in construction to help us build latrines (outhouses/toilets) in remote villages in Haiti.
DATES:  November 30 - December 07, 2013 with overnight stay in Miami on Friday November 29, 2013.

COST:  Airfare + $495 to cover ground cost.  
Our teams are typically limited to 25 volunteers. If you are interested in joining our Fall 2013 Hope for Haiti Medical Team, please complete and return the trip Application Form to us to reserve your spot. If you have volunteered with us previously, only the $100 trip deposit is required.
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