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2012 Medical Hope For Haiti Medical Trip Report
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December 2012

 Dear Friend,

The Clinicians of the World 2012 Hope for Haiti Team just returned from its 2012 medical trip to Haiti. There was much improvement on the ground in terms of cleaning up of residual debris and rubble from the 2010 earthquake that devastated the island. However, there was no change with regards people's way of life. A large majority of people live almost pre-historic lives (no electricity, no running water, and no toilet or latrine). Our multidisciplinary team this year consisted of 13 courageous and caring medical and non-medical volunteers.   


We operated in a remote region in the town of Grand-goave, Haiti,  approximately 29.4 miles (47.3 km) from the Port-au-Prince (~2.5 hour drive).  We worked in partnership with the local community, Haitian staff and locally-based organizations, Haiti Arise and Mission of Hope Internaltional.


2012 Trip Statistics:

  • Deworming program implemented in the small remote village (Jeanty) in the city of Grand-goave, Haiti.
  • 1331 school-aged children were dewormed.   
  • 2-seater latrine built (projected to last 20 years)
  • 500 pairs of shoes, sneakers, and sandals delivered to school-aged children as part of the deworming program
  • Over 2,000 toothbrushes delivered in concert with hygiene education on sanitation.
  • More than $47,000 worth of medical supplies and equipment delivered.
  • The diseases we treated had poverty as a common denominator, including intestinal worms, malnutrition, typhoid, malaria, scabies, impetigo, hypertension.

We could not have done what we did without the financial support from people like you. From our hearts, the Hope for Haiti Team thanks you for helping us make a difference in the lives of struggling people in remote villages of Haiti.

Rowlens M. Melduni, M.D, MPH
President and CEO
Clinicians of the World

"Doing Permanent good"

One of the most amazing things I have done in my life...

"Everyone needs to be a part of some selfless and compassionate act..."  Elliot Riggott


The Clinicians of the World 2012 Medical Mission Trip I recently returned from was one of the most amazing things I have done in my life.  I am so blessed to have experienced such an amazing place, people and group.  Haiti is beautiful and ugly all at once.  Such contrast with beautiful settings, nature and culture but hideous poverty, economic depression and pollution.  Haitian people are the most beautiful people I have ever seen;  bright eyes and bright smiles.  I am still redefining beliefs and thoughts on what is "needed" and what is "happiness"?  Wrestling with feelings.  Do I feel sorry for them or do I check my own perceptions?  I was experiencing things I never imagined I would when I thought about going to Haiti.  Was I helping them or where they helping me?  A place that needs so much, yet exists on so little. Elliott  

I know a large part of the positive experience I had was due to the fantastic team I was with and the fantastic people that helped us along the way.  Everyone needs to be a part of some selfless and compassionate act to remind us what is real and important.  I enjoyed each person on our mission and I am very proud to have been placed with them and to share in our accomplishments while in Haiti. 

I hope to always remember the little girl that would run after us on our way to the mission each morning and returning each night shouting "heyyyyyyyyyyyy.....", smiling and waving at us.  I can't help but smile when I think of her. I hope all the good work of our mission and people we meet will break the cycle of poverty and all the children touched by them and the groups that come to Haiti will be the building blocks for the foundation of the future Haiti.  I like feeling we had a part in building that future as well.

An Inspiring Doctor's Experience in Haiti: 

"I was amazed at the sight..." Joon Suh


Over the past few years, I have slowly become a strong advocate for volunteering. As I am currently applying to medical schools to achieve my dream of becoming a physician, the medical field has been my main focus of opportunities. Whether I was volunteering at nursing homes, clinics, or simply 5K events, I noticed a sure development of a willingness to offer a helping hand. It was only a couple of months beforehand when I stumbled upon the Clinicians of the World organization over the internet. I decided to sign up for the Hope for Haiti Medical Trip with the mindset of helping those needier than me. Little did I know that it would have such a genuine impact on my perspective about life.  Upon arrival in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Joon_Haiti   I was amazed at the sight as I initially forgot what to expect of a third-world country. The markets were swarming with citizens, the streets had unprecedented amounts of waste, and there were endless rows of tents in which people resided. I was nervous that I would be living a lifestyle with limited use of electricity and a lack of connection to the rest of the world without a functional phone.

As I was triaging patients and deworming children at the schools, I noticed that although the Haitians were without the amenities that a developed country offers, they lived with a sense of appreciation that many of us may have lost. When given a pair of shoes, sneakers or sandals, the people would embrace their new gift as if it were their last. They would even walk away barefoot with the footwear in their hands revealing to us the vast value they put on items that we would consider nothing more than simple.

It was relieving to know that we met our goals of improving the lives of the Haitian people by providing medical care and health education. Certainly, leaving Haiti was bittersweet. The Haitian people were grateful and accepting of our help, and most of all, I couldn't have asked for a better  team that meshed and worked so well together. I am grateful to Clinicians of the World and and my teammates for an amazing experience. In the end, the rewarding sensation of aiding others was truly fulfilling. This remarkable trip has opened my eyes more than I imagined it would and has fueled more purpose into my goal of becoming a doctor.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities: 2013

Fall 2013 Hope for Haiti Medical Trip

Clinicians of the World is now recruiting medical and non-medical volunteers Medical Mission Trips to Haiti. The need for good-hearted and service-oriented people who can volunteer their time in Haiti has reached desperate proportions.  As a component of our Deworming Program, we are also seeking volunteers with experience in construction to help us build latrines (outhouses/toilets) in  remote villages in Haiti.


DATES:  November 30 - December 07, 2013 with overnight stay in Miami on Friday November 29, 2013.

COST:  Airfare + $495 to cover ground cost, which covers in-country room and board, ground transportation, translators and mission essentials. Fees are tax-deductible, and we offer great support to help you raise all the money you need for the trip.  


Our Teams are typically limited to 25 volunteers. If you are interested in joining our Fall 2013 Hope for Haiti Medical Team, please complete and return the trip Application Form to us to reserve your spot. If you have volunteered with us previously, you only need to send the $100 trip deposit. 

Our Sponsors: Thank you!

We are infinitely grateful to our sponsors and volunteers for making our work in Haiti improve the lives of the Haitian people through education and improving their infrastruture. Thank you for helping us touch the lives of people in need. We could not have done this it without you.

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